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er of theory she had upheld the principles of woman suffrage. As a matter of practice, in the effort to obtain it, she loathed it with bitter hatred. She lacked the inspiration of its overwhelming importance in s


ublunary affairs. She was willing enough to do ordinary work in its interests, at a living wage, even to the odious extent of wearing an an?mic tricolor and selling newspapers in the streets. But when her duties


involved incendiarism, imprisonment and hunger, striking, Corinna revolted. She had neither the conviction nor the courage. Miss Banditch reviled her for a recreant, a snake in the grass and a spineless doll and


left the flat, forswearing her acquaintance for ever. Headquarters signified disapproval of her pusillanimity. Driven to desperation she signified her disapproval of Headquarters in unmeasured terms. The end came

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and prospective starvation drove her home to Wendlebury. When the war broke out, in common with the rest of the young maidenhood of the town, she yearned to do something to help the British Empire. Her sister Clara, to satisfy this laudable craving, promptly married a subaltern, and, when he was ordered to the front, went to live with his people. The next youngest sister, Evelyn, anxious for Red Cross work, found herself subsidis

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ed by an aunt notoriously inimical to Corinna. Corinna therefore had to throw in her lot with Margaret and Winnie, chits of fifteen and thirteen—the intervening boys having flown from the nest. What was a penniless and, in practical matters, a feckless young woman to do? She knitted socks and mufflers and went round the town collecting money for Belgian refugees. So did a score of tabbi

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er filled her heart. In a way she had been prepared for the discovery. I
n her talks with her u ncle and with Martin she had been keen to mark a stran
ge disingenuousness. S he had accused them of conspiracy. They were concealin
g something; what, she k new not; but a cloud had rested on her
mother’s memory. If, on that disastrous ev

es, objects of Corinna’s

scornful raillery

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